Habeas Corpus
24/03/17 19:30 - 24/03/17 22:00

 Friday 24th & Saturday 25th March, 7.30pm

In Habeas Corpus Alan Bennett gives us, with characteristic sharpness and warmth, a glorious cast of comic misfits: the cynical Dr Wickstead and his mountainous, unloved wife - (‘Now I know how the Taj Mahal must feel, alone in the moonlight...’); the reluctantly celibate Canon Throbbing; the colonially-minded Lady Rumpers fighting off lust wherever it rears its ugly head; vertically challenged Sir Percy Shorter – and many more.

Not to mention Mrs Swabb, the woman what does, who oversees all with a gimlet eye (‘I know when they change their undies...’).


Grab the chance to enjoy Meadhurst’s production of this much-loved, enduring comedy of lust, love, and dropped trousers.

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